The internet has given us the opportunity to keep important files safe from sudden hardware failure, software failure, and viruses through cloud storage. is one of the many sites designed to provide you with safe storage online – but what exactly makes it different from the rest?

Benefits of the Alfafile Premium Account

alfafile premium benefit
So what exactly can you get from alfafile premium account? Here are some of the benefits of this membership:

• Downloads go as fast as your internet connection will allow. There is no moderately-paced downloads to speak of, allowing you to get your file in a matter of seconds.
• In fact, the download speed is set at 1000mbps with the upload speed as fast as your connection can support.
• There is the ‘download immediately’ feature which means that you do not have to wait for captcha or a countdown to initiate file retrieval.
• No one-by-one downloads – the premium account makes it possible for you to download files by bulk.
• Upload space is an astounding 20 GB – giving you lots of room to keep important files for long-term use.
• By long term, Alfafile is talking about lifetime storage benefits. No need to worry about file links suddenly disappearing – the site will make sure your date is kept safe in the premium account level.
• No limitations when downloading indexes – get everything you want anytime you want.
• Safety in storage and downloads, you will be sure that all the files you get through Alfafile are virus-free.
• One-click download eliminates all the unnecessary delays in between finding the filing and getting it in your computer.

Alfafile premium is available for anyone who is connected to the internet. All files can be uploaded onto the site, provided that it is not against US or EU laws. No need to install all kinds of software – uploads and downloads can be facilitated through your browser or through ftp. If you prefer software, however, it is recommended that you use reupload it.

Alfafile also provides a free access account if you want to try their service first before opting for premium account. As opposed to the premium, free access limits your upload space to just 2 GB and download of just 1 GB. Also, the storage space has a limited validity so it can’t be there for long. As to downloads, you will have to deal with the waiting time and captcha validation before getting the file. You can upload and download even without registering, but you will find that the perks of being a member are well worth it.

Fortunately, it is easy enough to upgrade to an Alfafile premium account. Just go to their website, register, and choose the length of your subscription. You can cancel or extend membership through the dashboard.

What are Alfafile premium account prices?

alfafile premium price

One month membership plus 3 bonus days amounts to just 14.99 USD. You can register for a year for just 89.99 USD with other options of 3 and 6 months. Payment can be made through major credit cards, Paysera, WebToPay and PayPal with a guarantee of safety and security in all your dealings with Alfafile. Check out the site now and see what you can enjoy as an Alfafile premium member.